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Presenting All Options When Allegations Of Misrepresentation Happen In Real Estate Transactions

The decision to purchase a home or piece of property is something that people do not take lightly. Often, a buyer and seller both do extensive research to determine what a fair price would be for the land or home in question. Buyers look at several factors before making a final decision, and sellers consider whether or not an offer is reasonable compared to what they are asking to receive.

In some situations, a buyer may accuse a seller or real estate broker of making a misrepresentation during the negotiations leading up to the sale. Buyers relied upon these statements, and made a decision based upon what they believed to be true. Sellers and brokers may refute these allegations, leading to disputes that could threaten the entire deal.

At the San Diego-based firm of Goode | Hemme, our lawyers represent individuals in both residential or commercial property transactions involving claims of misrepresentation. Our attorneys represent any side in these types of real estate disputes.

What Types Of Statements May Result In Claims Of Misrepresentation?

We understand the significant investment that occurs in a real estate transaction, and all the twists and turns a negotiate can take in the sale and purchase of property. We have seen several examples of these types of cases over the years. Some of the situations which may lead to these types of disputes include:

  • Sellers answering a buyer’s question untruthfully
  • Brokers or sellers making claims about a property being defect-free when they are aware of certain problems
  • Buyers alleging that broker or seller did not disclose other important information before a transaction was finalized

These can be complex cases to win – they can quickly turn into a battle of who said what when. We know how to prepare detailed investigations that support or refute the allegations in question. We are experienced litigators, so in the event your case is not able to be resolved through negotiations, we are ready to handle your claim inside the courtroom.

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