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A Law Firm Skilled At All Aspects Of Easements And Encroachments

Property owners often face challenges on a daily basis when it comes to protecting their property rights. Whether they need to build a road over another’s land in order to access their property, or their neighbor has done something that interferes with their ability to use their property according to their wishes, there is the potential for disputes to arise for several different reasons.

At Goode | Hemme, in San Diego, our law firm has represented many California landowners in property disputes regarding easements or encroachments. With our vast experience in the real estate law field, we can help you take the steps necessary to accomplish the specific objectives in your situation.

Understanding Your Options Regarding Easements

Certain property owners may own land that they are unable to access without traveling over another’s property. In order to be able to build a driveway or access road, they need an easement from the other landowner. This is kind of a legal permission slip for the individual who is landlocked to use the other’s property for a specific reason.

The holder of the easement does not actually own the easement area. That is, the original landowner still owns the land the other wishes to use. Issues can arise from both parties having an interest in the same area of land, however, which can lead to disputes between the parties if things are not done correctly or the parties do not understand their legal rights.

At our firm, we work with landowners in obtaining, drafting, modifying and litigating easements. We have represented parties on either side of these matters and understand the specific needs and concerns that landowners have when it comes to protecting their interests. We will work with you to develop a property plan that allows you to achieve your specific goals.

How We Can Help With Issues Relating To Encroachments

An encroachment occurs when an individual does something to his or her property that “reaches over” onto a neighbor’s yard. Countless examples of this happen almost every day throughout the city. This can be something as simple as a fence in the wrong spot, a new addition to a house that is up against or over a property boundary, or any other action where a landowner makes a modification that claims another’s property as his or her own, whether on purpose or accidentally.

We represent either party in these types of situations. Whether you are being accused of encroaching on another’s property, or need to assert your property rights, our attorneys will be able to offer you detailed guidance throughout the process, including any sort of litigation connected to the case.

Practical Advice To Protect Your Interests

Our lawyers have been handling these types of cases for decades. To find out how we can help, call our office at 858-587-3555 or send us an email to arrange a consultation with a member of our team.