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Can you tell whether a prospective tenant will cause problems?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2022 | Real Estate Law |

With good marketing and a healthy dose of luck, only law-abiding, well-mannered people will apply to rent your open residential unit. Unfortunately, you might end up with a lemon of a tenant despite your background checks and other forms of due diligence.

If you end up with a problem tenant who plays music all night or refuses to pay rent, it can take substantial time and money to evict them in San Diego. When possible, it serves your interests to avoid tenants who cause problems. The possible warning signs below may help you accomplish this goal.

Price haggling

People understand that there is no haggling over their security deposit or monthly rent amount. They accept the rental terms or look elsewhere for housing. Those who try to haggle over the price may be combative by nature or lack the income to cover rent payments.

Alcohol or drug intoxication

If an applicant arrives to view the unit reeking of alcohol or otherwise obviously impaired, consider passing them over. Since the appointment is a business event, prospective tenants should behave appropriately. It might indicate a disruptive substance use problem if tenants show up to look at the residence while incapacitated.

Pressure to rent immediately

Sometimes, applicants express an urgent need to find someplace to live. They might try convincing you to skip tenant screening measures and allow them to take up residence right away. It might truly be an emergency, but it could also be an attempt to keep you from looking too deeply into their background.

As long as you do not deny housing to people for any unlawful reason, you can rent your property to whomever you wish. If you are already dealing with a problem tenant, we recommend learning more about California landlord-tenant laws under the guidance of a legal representative.