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What does a liability release form mean for your business?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2022 | Business Law |

Certain businesses are based on activities that come with specific dangers. For example, dance or gymnastics studios teach sports that may lead to injuries. These businesses usually have participants sign a liability release that prevents the participants from filing a lawsuit against the business if they’re injured.

Business owners might feel like they have the best protections in place, but this might not be the case. There are some instances in which even a waiver or release of liability might not be enough to protect a business.

Errors to avoid when dealing with liability releases

There are a few things that can lead to your company’s release contract from being considered valid by the court. Consider these invalidating reasons, as well as the corrections that can help you protect your business.

  • The business is operating in a negligent manner that could impact safety. Always uphold a high level of safety measures when you’re dealing with clients.
  • The information in the release contract being written in an unclear manner. It’s best to write everything out in clear terms that can be easily understood by an average person.
  • The release form is on the same page as other information or another release form. Be sure that your company only includes the single release wording on a page by itself.
  • The release terms are written in small print. Create the entire document in a font size that makes it easy to read.

Anyone who’s facing a liability claim from a customer should ensure they learn how the available legal options might affect the company. You should evaluate your options so you can make decisions that you feel are in the best interests of your business. Having experienced legal guidance can be beneficial.