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How to handle a property dispute with your neighbor

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Real Estate Law |

A boundary dispute with your neighbor can break down the relations you have with them and lower the value of the land or property in question. Therefore, if you are in the middle of a boundary misunderstanding, it is important to find a way of resolving everything efficiently and effectively.

The best place to start is by understanding the origin of the dispute. Are you both not sure where the property line is because of mistakes in the deed? Do you have any property access, driveway or encroachment issues?

Once you ascertain the reasons behind your dispute, you will be better placed to address them.

Try talking it out

Dialogue with your neighbor to find a mutual and amicable solution is the best way of handling any boundary dispute.

For instance, both of you can agree to engage a professional surveyor who will help shed light on the boundary dispute. With their information, you can then try to settle your differences. It could save a considerable amount of time and money if you decide to solve things out of court.

If dialogue does not work

Should talks with your neighbor stall, it may be time to turn to the courts for a solution. Be sure to conduct due diligence beforehand to ensure that you are not the one in the wrong. Additionally, it is necessary to have the proper documentation that may be needed to avoid any delays in concluding the matter.

Boundary disputes among neighbors are far too common, and as a landlord or developer, you ought to address them fully. Any pending issues with your land or property could scare away potential buyers or tenants, which is why you need to ensure that no question marks are hanging over the property.