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Can landlords limit the visitors to a rental unit?

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Uncategorized |

When someone signs a lease and moves into a rental unit, they will treat that space as their home. They will want to use that space to socialize as well as to sleep and store their possessions.

Having visitors over to a rental unit is a frequent source of disputes between landlords and tenants. Most tenants feel like they should have the right to do almost anything they want in a space where they pay the rent, while many landlords prefer to put some restrictions on the use of their facilities by people other than the tenant. 

Can a landlord prevent their tenants from having visitors over to their apartment or rented house? 

Landlords can restrict certain aspects of social visits

Landlords typically cannot prevent their tenants from having any visitors, but they can impose certain limitations on visitation. For example, many landlords limit how long a visitor can stay or how many people can visit at one time. 

A landlord may limit overnight stays to no more than two consecutive nights without their written approval. They may also impose rules that say no more than one or two people can stay at any given time. 

Non-tenants staying in a unit could potentially increase damage and utility bills. They could also cause noise that impacts other nearby tenants’ quiet enjoyment. Landlords attempting to enforce such restrictions will usually need documentation of violations. Tenants trying to assert their rights will likely need to review their lease carefully. 

Learning more about common sources of landlord-tenant disputes can help you advocate for yourself whether you are a renter or someone who owns rental properties.