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Business Law

What is corporate maintenance?

Corporate maintenance is an umbrella term used to describe the ongoing tasks and obligations a corporation must fulfill to remain in good standing with state and federal regulations. This broad term covers a variety of activities, from the filing of annual reports and...

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Areas to cover in a partnership agreement

If you start a business with someone else, don’t just agree to work together through a handshake deal. Sit down and write out an official partnership agreement. Starting a business is a major step, and you need to protect your interests. But what should go in this...

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Risks that can derail your partnership

You and your friend have decided to become business partners, and you both have agreed to share the responsibility of managing your company equally. One of the many advantages of a successful business partnership is the ability to share costs and duties associated...

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Can an employee quit without notice?

Employees sometimes want to leave their jobs immediately, perhaps feeling disgruntled or burned out. Employers, on the other hand, typically want employees to give them two weeks’ notice. The employer, after all, has to think about finding someone else to replace that...

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What constitutes vagueness in a contract

The parties you work with should sign contracts. These agreements will protect you and them, outline how you will work, and provide conflict-resolution methods, among other benefits. Nonetheless, disputes can arise from these agreements due to different reasons,...

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