Mr. Fenton is a partner at Goode Hemme & Barger, where he works with individuals and companies, big and small, to assess, secure, manage, and enforce their intellectual property rights in the fields of trademark, patent, and copyright. Mr. Fenton is licensed to practice law in California and Hawaii, is a registered patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and has been practicing law for over ten years. Mr. Fenton’s experience with both litigation and transactional matters affords him a broader perspective when working with clients to identify and apply the best and most efficient solutions to challenges and opportunities.

Area of Expertise

Whether it is developing creative and compelling arguments to support the registration of a trademark, analyzing the similarity of works of authorship to determine copyright infringement or working with an inventor or company in efforts to monetize a patent, Mr. Fenton fully engages the topic with enthusiasm and a dedication to outstanding results.

Practice Areas

  • Trademark counsel, registration, licensing, and litigation
  • Copyright counsel, registration, licensing, and litigation
  • Civil litigation

Education & Background

Mr. Fenton obtained his undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and his law degree from the University of Hawaii. Continuing the streak of living in beautiful cities, he moved to San Diego where he has lived since 2011. Mr. Fenton has a wide range of legal experience, from running a solo practice, to being the managing attorney of a 15 person practice division in a large San Diego law firm. This perspective informs Mr. Fenton’s approach to cases and allows him to be constantly mindful of his goal of providing excellent value to our clients.