A Passion for Law, a Dedication to Service

At the San Diego law firm of Goode & Hemme, we are your partners in legal excellence. Founded by Thomas Goode and Jerry Hemme in 2001, we’ve built our reputation on delivering legal services of the highest value to all of our clients, through unmatched experience and a truly personal approach.

Our boutique law firm’s mission is to provide outstanding service, exceptional results, and a more compassionate voice for your legal needs. We understand that the prompt resolution of a dispute is the goal for our clients. But, if litigation is needed, we’re ready to go above and beyond – and we have the skill and experience to do so.

We are licensed to practice in State and Federal Courts throughout California. We represent clients in both trial and appellate courts at the federal and state level, before administrative tribunals, arbitrations and other dispute-resolution proceedings.

Unparalleled Expertise.

Our attorneys aren’t just highly skilled—many have years of real-world experience in their practice areas. We’ve faced the same challenges you do, giving us a unique “been there before” perspective that’s invaluable for clients looking for smart, practical solutions to their legal problems.

The Highest Values. The Best Value.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we strive to always deliver cost-effective legal solutions to our clients. And if you ever need to get in touch with one of our attorneys, it’s our policy to return all calls and emails within 24 hours. To see what else makes us truly different, take a look at our Client Bill of Rights.

Personal, Plainspoken.

It’s said that the mark of a true expert is the ability to explain complex concepts with ease and simplicity—and that’s what our skilled attorneys strive to do. Goode & Hemme is passionate about giving you the tools to make informed, practical solutions.